• News Sources

    Keeping up to date with the latest news about your industry, company and competitors has become essential in the current global economic climate.

    Newstrack Online tracks news from over 50 000 local and international online news sources, in near real-time.

    We track online news content on both a local and international level, right down to a country specific level, enabling you to identify key regional issues as and when they happen.

    Our online news sources are carefully selected to ensure credibility and content quality. With Newstrack Online’s extensive coverage, we’ve got it covered!

  • Aggregation Technology

    Newstrack Online uses advanced aggregation technology to track over 50 000 sources, allowing you to keep up to date with news that matters to you.

    Customized crawlers are configured to routinely track each one of our selected online news sources, filtering through millions of articles each day.

    As soon as our crawlers identify a relevant article, it is flagged and then run through our powerful filtering software, which ensures that the news search results are always current and relevant.

    Our high-capacity servers and substantial bandwidth capacity allows us to accommodate high traffic volumes, which means quick and reliable access to your news search results.

  • Source Maintenance

    Staying on top of any potential problems, and proactively monitoring any changes to the layout of our selected online news sources, is an important part of what we do.

    We continually review our news search results to identify and react to these changes. A small adjustment where necessary ensures that our crawlers are correctly configured and our news search results are accurate.

    Newstrack Online is always looking for new online news sources to add to our selected source list. Each new source is put through a content review process, where it is evaluated according to its credibility and reliability.

    We welcome the addition of any new online news source that may not already be included in our coverage.

  • Market Data

    To further enrich and enhance your information offering, Newstrack Online offers a wide range of local and international market data, which can be integrated directly into your customized newsletter and online portal.

    Market Data

    • Bonds
    • Commodities
    • Derivatives
    • Equities
    • Exchange Rates
    • Exchange Traded Funds and Notes
    • Indices
    • Interest Bearing Instruments
    • Rates
    • Unit Trusts