• News Management

    Newstrack Online is a current awareness service, focused on delivering highly relevant news search results.

    Newstrack Online uses a combination of powerful filtering software and a team of dedicated news analysts, who evaluate each article in accordance with a client’s brief.

    Our news analysts ensure that all news search results are put through a meticulous screening process, analyzing and selecting the most relevant news before streaming it through to your customized newsletter and online portal.

    A customized selection of keywords ensures that news content can be designed around your specific requirements, providing you with focused business-critical information.

  • Filtering Software

    Newstrack Online has developed powerful filtering software that removes unwanted and problematic content, which ensures that your news search results are current and relevant!

    As soon as our system identifies a relevant article, it is flagged and then run through a series of algorithms where old, duplicate or similar news search results are eliminated, before populating our content management system.

    Eliminating unwanted news search results right at the beginning of the content screening process allows our news analysts to spend more time evaluating articles that matter.

    Knowing what to eliminate and what to include is what makes our filtering software so powerful. Our algorithms have been based on over 14 years of experience in this highly specialized field.

    We are on top of our game, so that you can be on top of yours.

  • News Analysts

    Minimizing information overload, while providing access to the right news at the right time, is what makes Newstrack Online so unique.

    A content brief, created during our consultation process, provides our news analysts with the necessary framework to manage the relevance and accuracy of your news search results.

    Our experienced news analysts carefully evaluate and select each news search result in accordance with this brief, to ensure that key articles are easily identified.

    Over time, our news analysts develop a detailed understanding of your brief, and adjust the configuration of your keywords to fine-tune and keep your news search results current.

    Our news analysts proactively identify and recommend new keywords, making you aware of trending topics or changes that affect your keywords, such as a change of a CEO or a new competitor.

  • Keyword Creation

    A customized selection of keywords ensures that your news search results can be designed around your specific requirements.

    We conduct a confidential consultation to get an in-depth understanding of your areas of interest, so that we can precisely configure your keywords to track articles that are relevant to you.

    With over 14 years of experience, and having developed thousands of keywords covering many industries, Newstrack Online knows how to find the news you need to know about.

    Our keywords are created using Advanced Boolean Logic, Proximity Operators and Location Targeting, and when used in combination, powerful business intelligence emerges.

    With our clever keyword combinations, we are capable of pinpointing articles that will assist you with your business decisions, giving you access to the latest relevant developments in your industry.