• News Delivery

    With the ever-increasing availability of news on the internet, business professionals need a time-saving tool that can track, filter and deliver the latest competitive intelligence directly to your intranet, inbox and mobile device.

    The right information at just the right time affords you and your colleagues an opportunity to make informed decisions about developments that affect your business.

    Your news search results are delivered via a customized and branded newsletter and online portal, making it immediately identifiable and relevant.

    Newstrack Online provides you with your own dedicated administration interface. We give you the tools to decide how your colleagues and stakeholders view your news search results.

  • Share & Collaborate

    Make smarter decisions by sharing important news with your colleagues and stakeholders, and collaborate to react in advance to events that impact your business.

    Newstrack Online delivers the latest news search results electronically, in a variety of different formats. A branded newsletter and online portal is the preferred delivery method, while RSS feeds can be integrated directly into your intranet.

    The newsletter and online portal have been carefully designed to be viewed on a variety of platforms, allowing you to access the latest developments on any device.

    The newsletter and online portal’s user-friendly layout and striking design is customized to reflect your corporate identity. Your users will easily identify and engage with it, while accessing articles that are of importance to them.

  • Administration Interface

    Newstrack Online gives you the administrative tools to decide how your colleagues and stakeholders interact with your news search results.

    Our administration interface allows you to have full control over the display of your news search results, so that you can select the timing, relevance and priority of what gets viewed.

    Keep your colleagues and stakeholders informed by creating and maintaining your own distribution lists. Publish your own articles and announcements, and schedule important notices to be posted on the notice board.

    An information platform that becomes a powerful communication tool!

  • Support Desk

    Newstrack Online offers a dedicated support desk that is always there to assist you and your users with any request that you may have.

    Our support desk is your direct point of contact and you are always guaranteed to get a fast response from one of our knowledgeable team members.

    The support desk typically handles general administrative queries, such as new recipient requests or a change of email address, eliminating the need for you to attend to these standard requests.

    If there is something important, such as a new keyword request, we will keep you in the loop.